"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         


Welcome on the website of Air Quality Concept, your specialist in :
This division offers you a wide range of technologies like:
for abating contaminants like:
  • VOC,
  • odour,
  • particles,
  • smoke,
  • oil haze,
  • micro-organisms, humidity
in  your emissions .
Our aim is to offer you the best available technology with the lowest investment & running costs.

This division offers you unique

technologies for improving the Indoor Air Quality in any kind of sectors: industrial, health, office and private.

Unique properties of most of our systems:

  • high particle and micro-organism abatement via electrofiltration or high centrifugal force

  • air revitalisation with negative air ions, what is essential for our health !



Many “invisible” pollution factors can affect your health, like:

  • micro-particles,
  • volatile compounds,
  • artificial radiations
    (50Hz, microwaves)
  • natural radiations
  • lack of negative air ions!
that can lead to health problems in private home but also in offices, hospitals, retirement housing,...

Air Quality Concept can perform a full air quality expertise of you home or office in order to identify and quantify the critical pollution factors that may affect your health.

The expertise report suggests adaptations or/and tools intended to alleviate these pollution sources but also to improve your body condition and its recovery during the sleep phase.

We wish you a nice visit in the fascinating world of “Air Quality”.


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