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The natural and artificial radiations

The influence of the natural and artificial (50Hz, radiofrequencies,…) radiations on human health is explained in detail in the Air&Health section.


They can be particularly disastrous if the body is continuously exposed to them, at least during a couple of hours per day.


There are 3 kinds of disturbing radiations:

  • the 50Hz Electro Magnetic Fields, produced by power stations and electrical apparatus
  • the radiofrequencies, produced by Cell Phone antennas and DECT stations
  • the natural radiations
Please visit our section Air&Health to know more about these radiations and their impact on human health. Air quality Concept can measure all these radiations.
1. The 50Hz Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF)


Their impact on human health has been identified in the early seventies in American & French Electricity Power Stations. 20 years studies on more than 200.000 employees exposed to EMF have proven that the risk to contract a leukaemia or a brain tumour when exposed to EMF increases of a factor 3 (Thériault G., 1994, Miller et al, 1996, Guenel et al., 1993, 1996). Later studies published in the early nineties have shown that, from a magnetic field of 2mG, the risk increases linearly with the magnetic field (Floderus & al , 1992, Feychting & al, 1993)


The Laboratory of Immunology of Dr Bonhomme-Faivre (1996) in Parisunfortunately noticed too late that a team of his researchers, having worked since 5 years above a H.T. power supply, has developped immunodeficiency symptoms and later cancer.


50 Hz EMF pollution has to be controlled mainly in offices where people are working 8h at the same place and also in bedrooms where a simple bed lamp, even switched off but still emitting an electric field, can provoke dramatic effects.


2. The radiofrequencies


The impact of radiofrequencies on human health became a major concern since the apparition of the digital pulsed waves widely spread with the cell phones and their antennas.


The European norm advises not to exceed a radiation density of 40V/m, corresponding to the density necessary to increase the brain T° of 1°C after 30 min (thermal effect). Many scientific and epidemiological studies have shown that radiation densities as low as 0.06V/m (sub thermal effect) but continuously emitted (like antennas) can start provoking troubles like sleep troubles, fatigue, headache, dizziness,… and later troubles of the nervous systems, immunodeficiency, infertility,…


Since an influence threshold as low as 0.06V/m has been confirmed by many Doctors, the department of Salzburg in Austria has recommended, according to the Precaution Principle, a value of 0.02V/m inside a house or building and of 0.06V/m outside.


In 1997, the dramatic increase of health troubles in Swedenhas been linked to the wide introduction of cell phones in workplaces. The DECT mobile phones create the same problem. This is particularly critical for hypersensitive people that cannot tolerate to be continuously confronted to those radiations. Since 2004, the hypersensitivity to radiofrequencies is recognized by the WHO.


3. The natural radiations


Some natural radiations can be aggressive, particularly for persons sitting the whole day on a critical zone. They may develop symptoms of immunodeficiency, concentration problems, fatigue, ….



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