"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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Classical Air Conditioning Systems (ACS) integrate as prefilters a couple of mechanical filters (1) that can easily entrap the micro-organism carriers. Those micro-organisms start growing in those filters, passing through them and growing in the cooling battery (2) where water condensates, so contaminating the whole ACS and the whole air duct network. If the end of the duct (4) is not protected by an absolute filter (HEPA filter), those micro-organisms are released in the room, consequently quickly spreading infections and diseases. This problem becomes even more critical in presence of high air humidity.

Another problem is that, once dead, the micro-organisms may release dangerous endotoxins.  This problem can have some dramatic consequences on human health, particularly in hospitals, a phenomenon called nosocomial infection.


In order to prevent this problem in any ACS, it is essential that this system:





=> efficiently separates particles down to 0.5m (efficiency of F9 filter), and if possible down to 0.1m (efficiency of HEPA filter)




Heat Exchanger


=> integrates an oxidizing process in order to kill the free micro-organisms and to prevent any development in the ACS and in the downstream ducts


Micro-concentration ozone +
negative air ions
Standard ACS have another disadvantage: their mechanical filters neutralize the Negative Air Ions (NAIs), what:
  • encourages micro-organism growth in the air ducts and in the ambient air
  • is unhealthy for people
In clean room, where the air is "ultra-filtrated", Gefter (2001) reports that the air contains less than 10-50 negative ions/cm3. Under these conditions, micro-organism growth is encouraged and personal often complains of such syndromes as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, respiratory distress, concentration problems, (Hawkins, 1978;).


If the air has a relative humidity lower than 65 %, we recommend a standard ACS integrating our


If the air has occasionally or continuously a relative humidity above 65%, we recommend our
 Cyclonic Air Conditioner
Both systems are working without mechanical filters and are able to abate micro-organisms & particles, in order to obtain clean ambiences, such as clean rooms respectively of class ISO7 and ISO8 !



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