"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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The EFIS - CoPlasma system is a unique & patented concept for air conditioning, sterilisation and revitalization.


For understanding the EFIS - CoPlasma concept and its advantages, please read first in the chapter “Air Purification”, the articles:

Instead of mechanical filters as prefilter in the ACS, 2 rows of electrofiltration cassettes are integrated in the prefiltration module in order to reach an abatement above 99.5%. These electrofilters have the capacity:
  • to abate very fine particles down to 0.1µm
  • to kill the micro-organisms entrapped in aerosol
  • to produce the microconcentration ozone necessary to generate a bactericidal CoPlasma in the ACS and in the downstream ducts.

Negative Air Ions Generators (NAIGs), distributed in the ACS and in the downstream ducts, generate high concentrations of Negative Air Ions that:

  • keep the CoPlasma active up to the pulsion grid, what continuously sterilizes the ACS and the downstream ducts
  • abate VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odours
  • revitalize the ambient air, what has a positive impact on human health
  • create a bacteriostatic effect on micro-organisms in the ambient air.


Advantages of EFIS-Coplasma system compared to classical ACS with mechanical filters:
  • higher particle abatement efficiency compared to classical prefilters (up to F9)
  • micro-organism control in the air handling unit and the downstream ducts
  • clean rooms class ISO 8 up to ISO 7 without HEPA filter
  • longer HEPA filter lifetime (if specified!) due to better particle prefiltration and micro-organism control
  • higher NAIs concentration in the ambience
  • lower initial pressure drop & no pressure drop increase => lower fan power => more economical and silent system
  • No pressure drop increase with time
  • lower system maintenance
  • no duct maintenance
  • no spare parts, except the needles that have to be replaced once a year
  • concept integrable in existing ACS

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