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VOC abatement via natural biodegradation processes !




1. Process description

2. Applications

3. Advantages 

4. Dimensioning


1. Process description  

Biotrickling is a biofilter that is especially designed for VOC biodegradation. In order to promote the dissolution of less soluble VOCs, water is continuously sprayed on the carrier, that is often a synthetic material with a low pressure drop structure, on which specific micro-organisms are growing.


Since VOC degrading micro-organisms usually takes quite a while, up to a couple of months, to build an optimal flora, a stable structure is used that never has to be replaced.

The water is re-circulated and fed with nutrients and its pH is continuously adjusted.





2. Applications 

Emission containing soluble VOCs at concentrations up to 2 g/m3, with peaks up to 4-5g/m3


3. Advantages  vs other VOC abatement technologies  

  •  low operational and maintenance costs
  •  shut down periods up to 2 weeks are tolerated; for longer periods, solvents have to be added in the water
  •  carrier with a very high specific surface and low pressure drop
  •  the carrier does not have to be replaced

4. Dimensioning 

Strongly depends on the VOC solubility and concentration; the lower the solubility and the higher the concentration, the large the biobed


5. References: On request


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