"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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How can the Air Quality influence our health ?


An adult ingests around 3kg food en water per day but 15 kg air !


The human, animal and vegetal reign finds his energy not only from food metabolism but also from well defined cosmo-telluric rays that enter in resonance with their cells and organs !


The air quality in terms of aerocontaminants and rays is consequently crucial for our health !


According to the 3d Health Survey having involved 13.000 Belgian people, it appears that :


1 out of 4 Belgians does not consider himself in healthy complexion

1 out of 4 Belgians suffers from chronicle disease

1 out of 5 Belgians suffers from sleep troubles and 1 out of 20 takes sleep- or relaxing drugs

1 out of 8 Belgians suffers from depression and takes anti-depressive drugs


Chronicle diseases:








High blood pressure






Back pain






Chronicle bronchitis




In order to improve this poor health status, wouldn’t it be time to trust these words of Hippocrates, father of the medicine:



« Pure air is the first food and the first therapeutic drug »


« The person who wants to improve his knowledges in the art of healing will first analyse how the place is located and will study the nature of the underground. »


From his book: "About air, water and location”


The importance of the air quality and of its impact on human health is summarized in these words of Hippocrates, that have more than ever all their sense after 2400 years !!


We eat per day more than 3 kg water and food but 15 kg air, equivalent to 3 kg oxygen! The air is indeed our first food that has to be “as pure as possible” !


It is also our first therapeutic drug. The "oxygen therapies", that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, have indeed proven that a high concentration of dissolved oxygen in the blood, above 98%, activates and strengthens our vital functions, like our immune and our endocrine system, and prevents the development of cancer cells.


One of these therapies, the most natural one, is the “Air Ion Therapy”.


A tiny part of our oxygen is naturally ionised. In 1940, Tchijevski, a Russian researcher, has discovered on animals that a completely deionised air quickly leads to death. Since then, thousands of studies have been published by universities and medical research centres throughout the world on the benefits of air ionisation on human health.


Hippocrates was also aware that the air carries natural radiations coming from the earth and from the space that can on specific places affect the health of the animal and vegetal reign. The existence of these radiations was known since more than 10.000 years ago, as witnessed by the megalithic remains. Since the beginning of the 20th century, they have been studied by scientists, and among them doctors, who have understood their impact on the human body and their importance in terms of medical prevention.


The trees and the plants, that growth all their life on a disturbed or « geopathic » place, clearly show that they develop malformations and diseases that can lead to premature death.








These “cosmo-telluric” radiations are currently measured by radiesthesia tools, developed by engineers, that transform the radiations in electrical signals that can be interpreted by the human brain;


More and more doctors all over the world recognize since the beginning of the 20th century this science, called “geobiology”, coming from the griek « geos » = earth, « bios = life », « logos » = dialogue, and start integrating it in their practice:


« During my 30 years practice as doctor, I have never encountered one case of cancer that wasn’t linked to the influence of the place ….Thanks to medical radiesthesia, I have obtained during my last 17 years practice, regarding diagnostic & therapy, results that I wouldn’t have ever expected.  »  (Dr Mannlicher, Austrian doctor) 


« As soon as the bed of the patient is not situated on a geopathic zone anymore, he reacts better to a medical treatment » (Dr von Kolitscher, Austrian doctor)


« In all the cases, the persons suffering from cancer slept on geopathic zones » (Dr Rambeau, German doctor, Marburg, 1934)


But what would Hippocrates say nowadays, seeing that our atmosphere is not only polluted by pollutants produced by the combustion of fossil energies and by the massive spreading of pesticides but also by the artificial radiations, whom density in the air is one billion times higher than 50 years ago and exponentially increases since 10 years?


He would certainly approve these scientists and doctors who dare to publish studies proving that the “air pollution” may lead to diseases as important as cancer and infertility, what should force the authorities to implement the « precaution principle ».


Understand to better discern and find out the right action to take:


In order to understand the impact of air quality on the human body, it is crucial to understand that the body finds its energy not only from the metabolism of food but also from healthy radiations surrounding it via bioresonance. It is crucial to understand that it is not only a biochemical but also an biophysical or “electromagnetic” being.


The man, an electromagnetic being:


The man is born 3 millions years ago in a pure atmosphere, rich in air ions, which are indispensable for the air purification and for the activation of its vital functions (see “air ionisation”). As radiations, beside the healthy rays, like light rays, there were only natural rays of extremely low frequencies, from 0.5 to 25 Hz, that have undeniably conditioned the development and the way of working of our brain since it works in the same range of frequencies.


The oldest remains, like the erected stones, shows that he mastered the cosmo-telluric energies and that he avoided to build houses on disturbed places that could affect him. By respecting and “feeling” his environment, he has succeeded in realizing his magnificent development.


How the man’s body works is more subtle than the biochemistry let suppose. He is beforehand an electromagnetic being, perfectly regulated by our brain that sends in all our body electromagnetic signals of extremely low frequencies. He has grown in harmony with the earth and the nature that surround him and that are also of electromagnetic nature (see next section).


The 75% water that constitutes his body can have 2 three-dimensional structures or “polarisations : right (R) or left (L) polarisation. For his homeostasis, this water has to be balanced in polarity. This water gives him the property to be a fantastic antenna, able to intercept and emit waves.


The awareness that we are electromagnetic beings originates from the end of the 19st century, when medical studies have shown that our body emits electrical fields that were later measured by electrocardiograms and electroencephalogram’s.


At the same time, Max Planck and Albert Einstein, the well renowned fathers of the quantum mechanic, stated that, according to the quantum mechanic, everything is energy and that material does not exist:





« Material does not exist. Everything is radiation. »


«Every material only appears and exists thanks to the presence of a force that brings the atoms in vibration and allows their cohesion. »


Max Planck (1858-1947), German physicist, father of the formulated quantum mechanic


« What is perceived by our senses as material is in reality only a high concentration of energy in the smallest space.


In the quantum mechanic, there is no space for both energy and material, because the energy is the only reality. »


Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German physicist, Nobel price for its theory about relativity.


In 1926, the father of biophysic, Georges Lakhovsky (1869-1942), a Russian engineer en biophysicist, published his revolutionary finding: “our cells and our organs enter in resonance with pulsed waves, continuously generated in our atmosphere and called “Schumann waves”, so finding their energy and natural balance”. He has scientifically proved on human beings that the artificial production of those natural pulsed waves can help to cure a sick body. He is considered as the father of the “bioresonance therapy”.




« Life is born from radiations,

   Life is entertained by radiations,

   Life is suppressed by any oscillatory unbalance. »


The famous physicists who have succeeded Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Georges Lakhovsky, such as David Bohm and Richard Feynam, have confirmed that our body draws his energy not only from food and beverages but also from cosmo-telluric radiations:



« Everything is made of energy and lives thanks to this energy.

The electromagnetic waves are the carriers of this energy and bring the necessary information to all our vital functions.

Our body does not only draw his energy from food metabolism.

It absorbs from the cosmo-telluric rays the energy and its vital messages for the regulation of the vital body functions and organizes with them the forces of harmony.. » 


David Bohm, (1917-1992), American physicist





« We now realize that the phenomenon of chemical interactions and, ultimately, the life itself, must be understood in terms of electromagnetism. »


Richard Feynam (1918 - 1988), American physicist,
father of the quantum electrodynamics


Later scientific researches have proven that :

  • the brain sends via the nervous system electrical fluxes in the whole body, so creating electromagnetic fields of extremely low intensities.
  • the cell membrane of the human body has an electrical potential and its « selective channels » are activated by electrical signals
  • our DNA emits biophotons, that carry the messages in the cell and between all the cells, and activate biochemical reactions (Dr A. Popp from the University of Kaiserlautern, D)

Those scientific findings prove that our body is not only ruled by biochemical reactions but also by biophysical reactions. Not only toxic molecules but also toxic radiations can affect our body.


The human being is first of all an electromagnetic being having an extremely subtle regulation system that has developed during 3 millions of years:

  • in a precise magnetic & electric field
  • in presence of specific natural waves giving energy to his cells and entering in resonance with them
  • in an negative ions rich environment that ensures the good working of its vital functions and of its regulation system, the brain.

Thanks to its natural feeling regarding energetically disturbed places, the original man has always avoided to build on disturbed areas, as those located above earth breaks and water veins.


Human, animal and vegetal species are nowadays threatened because the man is currently destroying his vital electromagnetic environment due to:

  • the atmospheric pollution that creates holes in the ozone layer, what allows the entry in the troposphere of dangerous radiations
  • the atmospheric pollution and the ground covering with concrete, what prevents the emission of the vital negative ions
  • the 50Hz artificial electromagnetic fields (AEMV), that are emitted by electrical cables and apparatus
  • the radiofrequencies, and among them, the pulsed digital microwaves emitted by mobile & DECT phones and cell phone antennas. Since 1950, their concentration in the troposphere is 1 billion time higher and starts disturbing his physical and mental health. They also indirectly influence his health by contaminating the natural cosmo-telluric radiation networks, what makes them more aggressive
  • the introduction of technologies, like the cell phone and the microwave oven, that haven’t been tested in terms of impact on his “electromagnetic health”.

It is consequently essential that the man, in order to ensure his survival, understands his true nature in order to become aware of the dangers that surround him and to protect himself against them. If it is not possible for him to protect himself during the day, it is indispensable that during the night, in his private environment, he creates an healthy environment that revitalizes his body. Since it is during the night that his immune and endocrine system start producing his healing drugs and messengers, his bed location and the air surrounding him must be healthy.


The man must consequently take care that, at least at home :

  • the air is correctly ionised
  • the air is filtered if the microparticle and/or solvent concentration exceed a certain limit
  • his bed is located on a neutral area in terms of natural radiations and earth magnetic field perturbation
  • his air carries the lowest possible concentration of 50Hz electromagnetic radiations, produced by all the electric and electronic apparatus that surrounds his body, and radiofrequencies, produced by cell phone antennas, DECT phones, …. that can affect his sleep and his health

It is the reason why an Expertise of a building ground, a house or an office is so important.




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