"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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Air Dehumidification


Air dehumidification ... just by condensation and centrifugation !


Air can be efficiently dehumidified down to 30% relative humidity with a Cyclonic Air Dehumidifier. This system cools down the air and centrifuges the water droplets at high speed. If necessary, it can heat up a bit the air prior to its recirculation in the room.

Compared to standard air dehumidifiers, it has the following advantages:

  • it centrifuges the aerobiocontaminants
  • it is not sensitive to the presence of particles
  • it does not contain any adsorbent materials

1. Airec’Eau® Cyclonic Air Dehumidifier



In the Airec’Eau® Cyclonic Air Dehumidifier, the air enters the cyclone at the bottom, cools down in contact with the cooling coils, and leaves the system at the top. The high centrifugal force removes the water droplets but also the particles and the aerobiocontaminants. If some of them reach the top of the cyclone, they hit against a flat disc fixed above the coils and falls to the bottom.

















2. Airec’Cold® Cyclonic Air Dehumidifier



In the Airec’Cold® Cyclonic Air Dehumidifier, the heat exchange surface as well as the removal efficiency is higher than in an Airec’Eau® system.


This concept is recommended for rooms with high humidity content, like central kitchens, where dishwasher tunnels are used.




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