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Benefits of air ionisation in the Health Sector



1. Benefits of air ionisation in hospitals

2. Benefits of air ionisation in doctor/dental cabinets

3. Benefits of air ionisation in clean rooms

4. Benefits of air ionisation in nurseries


1. Benefits of air ionisation in hospitals

In response to the alarming rise in the incidence of hospital “superbugs”, the NHS funded a yearlong study into the effect that NAIs have on the lethal microbes, and in particular the bacteria Acinetobacter which is resistant to nearly all antibiotics. The study was based at the St James’s Hospital in Leeds in conjunction with researchers from Leeds University. “The results have been fantastic. So much so that we have asked the University to leave the ionisers with us”, Dr Stephen Dean, lead consultant in St James intensive care unit. (Holford’s)


Our HT-NS system, combining the air electrofiltration and negative air ionisation, has been validated at the San Matteo hospital in Pavia (I). Results show that this system drastically abates aerocontaminants, particles & micro-organisms, in the ducts, keeping them sterile


2. Benefits of air ionisation in doctor/dental cabinets

In dental cabinets, concentrations as high as 15.000 particles/cm3 have been measured due to drilling projections, micro-organisms, viruses, etc, Thanks to ionizers, this high particle concentration has been drastically abate as well as the micro-organism & virus concentration. Ionisation has also improved the well being of dentists, in terms of physical & psychological fatigue, migraine and irritability (Cousins, 1991).



3. Benefits of air ionisation in “clean rooms”

In clean rooms, due to the air conditioning and the intense mechanical filtration, the ion content may drop down to around 100 positive ions and 10-50 negative ions/cm3 or even less. Under these conditions, personal often complains of such syndromes as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, respiratory distress and skin rashes and viruses and germs flourish in ion depleted rooms (Gefter, 2001).  It is consequently advised to re-ionize the air in clean rooms.


4. Benefits of air ionisation in nurseries

Experiments in nurseries have shown that cross contamination between kids drastically dropped.



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