"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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Odour abatement


Odour emissions are often very complex and different and there is no miraculous deodorization system.


The AQC Odour Emission Treatment Concepts that we can propose can be first classified according to:


1. the emission temperature (T)

Above a temperature of 40C, many technologies start not working properly anymore:

- micro-organisms in biofilter start being inhibited

- the water temperature in gas washers starts increasing, what reduces the absorption efficiency and creates odorous vapours

- materials like activated carbon are not more able to adsorb the emission contaminants.


2. the emission relative humidity (%RH)

Above a  Relative Humidity of 85%, undesirable effects for many technologies appear:

- materials like activated carbon quickly saturate

- condensation affects oxidation technologies and creates problems of corrosion in presence of Cl, F and S.


AQC concept for:


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