"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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Expertise in Air Quality and Home Wellness 


Measuring for better evaluating the risks and for better acting and reacting !


Air Quality Concept recommends home, workplace or building ground expertise in order to identify all the pollutants that can affect your health.


The physical, chemical and biological contaminants, as well as the natural and artificial radiations can provoke troubles and diseases if the body is exposed to them continuously or during the sleep phase.


It is indeed during the sleep phase that our body regenerates and that our immune and endocrine (or hormonal) systems produce the vital and therapeutic molecules.


In order to stay in healthy complexion, it is indispensable that,

 at least during the sleep phase,

 our body lays on a neutral zone in terms of natural and artificial radiations

and that the air is correctly ionised !


In case of nuisances, we recommend in priority simple and non onerous solutions, such as bed or/and electrical apparatus moving. If necessary, ambiance correctors or/and harmonisation systems are proposed.


This expertise is not a therapy and do not replace the advice of a doctor. Its aim is to ensure that your body rests and moves in an environment as healthy as possible.


1. « home »  and « offices » expertise


Our conditions :


Basis Expertise : 75 Euro/h , V.A.T. excl.
For a full expertise, we need around:
- 1h30 for a flat
- 3h for a house
- for an office: on quotation 
If you want to limit your expenses, you can ask us to perform an expertise during a certain time and we will do our best to identify as many disturbances as possible.
If you choose for the full expertise, you automatically receive 10% reduction on all our Apparatus & Products. 


Travel costs : limited if date at our convenience, 0.30€/km (TVA excl.) departure Beauvechain if date at your convenience


Report : 25 Euro/h , V.A.T. excl.

The report gives an introduction to the natural and artificial pollutions in order to better understand the results. For every problem, a solution is recommended.


The table hereafter summarizes the


 measurements performed during a standard expertise :






Measurement equipment



Neutralisation solutions


50 Hz Electric and Magnetic Fields



Magellan Plus

(PSO, B)




  • VitalPlug 50Hz
  • Moving of the electrical apparatus at 1.5m from the bed ;
  • Cables with ground connection ;
    Screened cables;
  • Bipolar switches ;
  • Improvement of the ground connection ;
  • Bioruptors




Cell phone, UMTS, DECT, Radio,… waves




(Aaronia, D)






  • Geopat pastilles
  • for the windows:
    curtain in special tissue woven with metallic fibers;
  • for the walls:
    special paintings or wallpapers
  • for mobile, DECT, WiFi,...:
    special self adhesive pastilles



Cosmo-telluric networks: Hartmann & Curry networks, Great Sacred & Diagonal Network, Cosmo-Telluric chimneys, Telluric flows


Geological phenomenon’s provoking a deformation of the earth magnetic field: water veins, earth breaks and cavities


Identification of the resonance frequencies carried by the water veins and their impact on human health  



Antenne H3

(Lüdeling, D)



  • Bed moving ;
  • Ambiance correctors (Geopat Pastilles) and/or harmonisation systems (Geowave)


All the perturbating
cosmo-telluric networks
and geological phenomenon’s are reported

either on an original plan

 or on a A3 graph paper



Earth Magnetic Field Gradients


Magellan Plus

geomagnetometer sensor (PSO, B)









  • Bed moving ;
  • Harmonisation systems (Geowave)


Safety check of the electrical circuit:


Measurement of the Earth Resistance,


Activation test of the differentials 0.3, 0.1 and 0.03A



Cathom and Catex (F)










 of the electrical cabinet

 by an electrician


Air ionisation Level


Measurement of the positive and negative air ion concentration  


Measurement of the blood oxygen concentration increase in presence of therapeutic concentrations of negative air ions


Alpha Ion Counter






  • Open the windows ;
  • Air purifiers emitting negative air ions;
  • Negative Air Ion Generators



2. Options


The following table presents the options with their respective price.












(Euro, VAT excl.)



Particle concentration

and distribution

in the air



Particle Counter
MetOne 227




Air purifier




Solvents and other volatile molecules


Passive sampling:

- solvents (2 weeks)

- formaldehyde (2h)




Other substances can be identified via

 active sampling




Air purifier





(30,00- for 5 measurements)






on request





Passive sampling




Air purifier




Mites allergen


Passive sampling



Air purifier ;
H2O2 spraying


1 x measurement :


5 x measurement :





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