"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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« Builing Ground » Expertise


Before building a house, it is indispensable to perform an expertise of your ground in order to identify the zones on which the beds, and if possible all the sleeping rooms, cannot lay.


It consists in performing:

- a 3D cartography of the building ground in terms of variations of the earth magnetic field and

- a 2D cartography of the geobiological and cosmo-telluric phenomenon’s.


1. measurement of the earth magnetic field variations (EMF)







Magellan Plus with geomagnetometer sensor


(PSO, B)


A 3D cartography of the EMF variations is realized with one measurement every 50 up to 100cm.

This cartography helps to visualize the zones where the presence of water veins, earth breaks and cavities are foreseeable.


2. measurement of the cosmo-telluric rays and of the geological phenomenon’s




Appareil de mesure:


Antenne H3


(PSO, B)


A 2D cartography of the ground on Canson graph paper, A3 format, indicates all the geological phenomenon’s (water veins, earth breaks and cavities), and the Large Diagonal Network lines, whose crossings and NE-SW lines are geopathic.  


3. report

The report includes the 2 cartographies, establishes correlations between the 2 measurements and clearly indicates the geopathic zones that have to be avoided.


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