The Bipolar Ionization Systems

Bipolar Ionization systems are devices integrating 2 electrodes. When a tension as high as 2500V is applied between the 2 electrodes, electrons start moving from one air molecule to another, so producing positive an negative air ions, a process call Corona discharge.


At higher voltage, this device starts dissociating the oxygen molecules O*, so building micro-concentrations ozone: O2 + O* = O3, what improves the bacteriostatic effect of the air ions; above a certain voltage, the air becomes bactericidal. As long as the ozone concentration stays below 100ppb, there is no danger.


As devices, we propose different systems integrating one or more “bipolar Ionization lamps”. One bipolar ionization lamp consists in one cylindrical glass lamp with one electrode on each side:






Unprotected system
to be inserted in air ducts or

air conditioning systems


Protected system without fan;
to hang on wall or ceiling

of rooms at T > 0°C


Protected system with fan;
 to hang under the ceiling,
above areas where micro-organisms have to be controlled





Applications :

  • sanitation of air purification and conditioning systems
  • sanitation of air ducts
  • air deodorisation

Applications :

  • sanitation of cold rooms, production, ripening & packaging rooms


  • deodorisation

Applications :

  • packaging & storage rooms

  • SAS or corridors before aseptic rooms


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More info

More info


These lamps have to be protected by fine mechanical filters if the air is contaminated with particles.