Most of the natural electromagnetic fields and waves that surround us have influenced our development. The following table summarizes those that are vital and harmful for our body:


Vital fields & waves

Harmful fields & waves

  • Stable earth magnetic field
  • Visible light & UV-A
  • Schumann Waves
  • Cosmo-telluric radiations
  • Gradient of earth magnetic fields
  • Radioactivity, X rays, UV-C, UV-B
  • Harmful frequencies transported by water veins
  • Crossings of cosmo-telluric radiations


Problems of earth magnetic field gradient and of earth radioactivity are mainly observed above geological perturbations, such as earth breaks and water veins, the latter ones also carrying frequencies that can enter in resonance with our cells and our organs and affect them.


The following sections summarize the natural phenomenon’s that can influence our health:


1. The Schumann waves

2. The cosmo-telluric radiations and the geological perturbations

3. The earth radioactivity