"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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The indoor air quality is becoming a crucial issue in terms of human health in most of the environments where people are living and working. Regulations in terms of maximal particle, micro-organism and volatile compounds concentrations are becoming stronger and stronger in the European Community (see factors influencing Indoor Air Quality).
The importance of Negative Air Ions in terms of human health  is now scientifically proven and start being recognized as a crucial factor in terms of physical and psychological health. They are naturally and continuously generated by our earth and the 2000 flashes of lightning produced every second in our atmosphere. The deficiency in Negative Air Ions creates problems like Sick Building Syndrome (headache, concentration problem, fatigue, dizziness, respiratory distress, skin rashes ) and even diseases (see Air Ionisation).
This creates a new debate since most of the air purification and conditioning systems existing on the market tend to neutralize the Negative Air Ions due to the presence of mechanical filters. See Gefter: Biological aspects of Clean-Room Ionization (2001).

It is consequently essential to design air purification & conditioning systems that are efficient in terms of particle, micro-organism and volatile compound abatement but also that enrich the air with Negative air Ions, or at least that do not neutralise them (see Air Purification, Air Conditioning, Air Dehumidification, Air deodorization).


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